Cat got your tongue?


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Did you know that your tongue is as unique as your fingerprints? Everyone’s tongue has a unique and specific pattern that is exclusive to them! So we highly discourage decorating them with the beads, balls, and bars that accompany a tongue piercing – they’re already special!

Tongue piercings are not good for your oral health. They cause chipped teeth, infection, swelling, and even allergic reactions, depending on the metal used. As with other piercings, the body may reject the metal entirely and attack it, trying to grow around it or push it out. In a recent focus group of individuals with tongue piercings, over 50% of them had chipped teeth within 4 years of getting the piercing and 35% of them had receding gums.

Chipped teeth can require fillings or even crowns to fix; so if your teen is thinking about a tongue piercing, inform him or her of the consequences. They’ll think twice and thank you later!