Happy Birthday Prince George!


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In Great Britain today, Prince George is celebrating his 3rd birthday! This charming little boy will now have all his baby teeth, and the first one won’t fall out for another couple of years.

For little George and other toddlers like him, now is the most important time to take care of their primary teeth. Healthy baby teeth not only help establish good habits for permanent teeth care, but healthy baby teeth mean that the permanent teeth are more likely to come in healthy as well.

Remember that toddlers are susceptible to cavities too! Bottle decay, caused by milk and juice as they are going to bed, causes many of the cavities found in toddlers. That is why we recommend dental visits, even for little ones who haven’t had their teeth for very long. Bring your child to our office and start a preventative dental care program. Together, we will work to eliminate dental problems early and ensure your toddler keeps smiling!