In the Digital Age – X-Rays


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X-Rays have come a long way since 1895, when the German, scientist Wilhelm Rontgen, became the first person to discover and study x-rays. His wife’s hand was the first human body part ever x-rayed! The first dental x-ray was taken a year later in 1896. Early x-rays weren’t very safe, and could cause hair-loss and burns; but modern x-rays – especially those used in dentistry – have long since handled the issues with x-rays.

Dental x-rays already have a low exposure of radiation, but we can do better! Here at Sun Valley Dental, we take digital x-rays that use a digital sensor, which reduces the amount of radiation by 80-90%! In addition, the digital x-rays can be saved electronically to your file, protecting the environment by eliminating the waste from film. Instantly ready to view, enlarge and examine, digital x-rays are helping us detect problems faster and earlier.

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