It’s like Pulling Teeth


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Eww, eww eww! There is nothing like a pulled tooth to make people squint up their eyes and make a face; but some people used to have them pulled voluntarily!

Pre-20th century, many dentures were made of ivory, animal bone, and gold. But these substances tended to react with saliva, discoloring them and causing an odd taste and smell in the mouth. Of superior quality were dentures made from human teeth; and those teeth pulled from willing, living participants or diseased soldiers were prized the highest. Teeth were often pulled from prisoners and executed people; but they tended to be of poorer quality and were already showing signs of tooth decay.

So many teeth were pulled from soldiers on the battlefields of Waterloo that dentures made from these teeth were known as “Waterloo Teeth” and were considered a status symbol. Teeth from American soldiers during the Civil War were shipped in barrels to Europe for use in dentures. It wasn’t until artificial teeth began looking more realistic that the use of human teeth in dentures declined.

Here at Sun Valley Dental, we will do everything we can to save your tooth; but if you need to get a tooth pulled, we can create you a dental implant that will match your other teeth in color and appearance. So natural looking, no one will know! No Waterloo Teeth required.