Potatoes and Teeth


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Here in Idaho, potatoes are proudly our State vegetable. Potatoes are 80% water and are loaded with Potassium and Vitamin C. A baked potato is a healthy addition to any dinner, especially when the skins are eaten -- giving you a fiber punch too!

Unfortunately, most people prefer to eat potatoes in the form of chips or french fries, and these are not good for the teeth. Former President Thomas Jefferson takes the credit for introducing french fries when he served them at a White House dinner function; and potato chips appears in a cookbook in England in 1822.

But potato chips are filled with starch, which tooth decay loves. Worse, potato chips easily get trapped in your teeth. When you indulge in these snacks, make sure to floss to remove all the food particles that can lead to plaque buildup.

We love potatoes; but as your dentist, we highly recommend you eat them in their more natural state and limit the chips and fries to special occasions!