R-o-o-t C-a-n-a-l Spells Relief


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Symptoms associated with needing a root canal includes hot and cold sensitivity, localized lingering pain, swelling, redness, and an infection of the tooth. A root canal can preserve the damaged tooth, keeps it secure in your jaw, and can protect the surrounding bone.

Once the root canal is completed and the infection has been removed, the inside of the tooth is cleaned and prepared to receive a crown. The crown is made and affixed over the original tooth to protect it for years to come. This crown now provides a good chewing surface replacing the decayed tooth.

Now, there is a huge relief to be able to go back to your normal way of life without all that pain and concern. This experience will make you wonder why you waited at all.

Waiting too long to get a root canal can lead to complete extraction and a dental implant so call and set an appointment today and we’ll chart a course for relief!