Summer Sports and Mouth Guards


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Summer Sports and Mouth Guards

Nice weather brings out our love of the outdoors. Hiking shoes are brought out of the closet, bike helmets are dusted off, and camping gear is gathered for weekend excursions. More sunlight means playing into the evening, rolling on the grass, and walking after dinner. Summer also means vacation! Trips to the beach, abroad, maybe even somewhere tropical!

But summer sports also means summer dental accidents. Here are a few summer sports that you should remember to wear mouth guards with:

  1. Bicycling - Whether you’re racing or just enjoying a mountain trail, an unexpected rock in the road can send you over your handrails and mean a crash-landing for your teeth.
  2. Skateboarding - Kids and wheels always seems to end up in trips and falls. Whether it’s the skate park or the driveway, protect their teeth from harm!
  3. Baseball/Softball - Getting hit anywhere with a baseball hurts, but when it comes hurtling at your face, your teeth often take the worst of the damage. Face-first slides into home also run the risk of colliding with shoes.
  4. Surfing - Maybe not a lot of chances for waves around here, but who knows where you’ll head on vacation, we couldn’t leave this one out! Nothing dampens water fun faster than a surfboard to the face. Rogue waves sneak up on you, so be ready to protect your smile!

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