Why are my Teeth Sensitive to Cold?

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Brrr! As the 2016 Freestyle/Freeskiing Junior Nationals approach our Sun Valley to take place on March 10th-13th, I’m reminded how much my teeth don’t like the cold. But why?

Actually, it’s not the tooth that has a problem with the cold, it’s the tooth’s dental pulp and nerve. When we have receding gums or gum disease, that’s when the part of the tooth that has the nerves is exposed and gets the shock of cold when we eat cold foods. Cracks in teeth can also provide a direct highway to those sensitive nerves.

So what can we do? Well, obviously come see us and let us know about the problem! But a soft bristled brush can also cut down on the abrasiveness on an already weakened tooth, and reduce some of the gum irritation.