Too Many Sports Drinks Is Nothing to Smile About!


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As the fall months arrive, many of us move our exercise regime indoors or to the gym. Often we bring along a beverage to stay hydrated and energized and in many cases this beverage is a fruity, sugary sports drink. While these drinks contain electrolytes and may help keep us hydrated and on the move, what is the physical cost of choosing this type of drink? We at Sun Valley Dental Group have a few facts and helpful tips to keep you hydrated and your energy levels high during your exercise!

Whereas sports drinks do provide us with replacement fluids, electrolytes, proteins and sometimes carbs, they are often packed with food coloring, sugar and natural or artificial sweeteners that can lead directly to tooth decay, cavities and stained enamel.

Some of the most popular American sports drinks today contain up to 42 grams of sugar per serving! That’s a lot of sugar! These beverages are considered one of the leading causes of tooth enamel erosion and can even damage the roots of teeth.

An alternative that we would suggest is spring water or seltzers that can be garnished with fruit, like lemon or orange slices, or consider cucumber slices! This addition makes a clean, refreshing drink that doesn’t contain any artificial coloring, flavoring, added processed sugar or other additives. This alternative should keep you going on the treadmill for miles!

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