Tooth Fairy in Flight


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“My tooth is loose!”

You may remember the moment that your child's first baby tooth came in; and then started to fall out and be replaced with permanent teeth. Eventually, all 20 baby teeth will come out. It is exciting as a parent, but can be a nervous time for a child. My own sister, worried that something was wrong when her first tooth was loose and didn't tell our mother until it actually fell out!

Make sure you talk to your children about their teeth – about keeping them healthy, and the natural progression of losing their baby teeth. Make sure you let them know that their new teeth are their permanent set, and that they need to take good care of them. Brushing is more important now than ever!

If you have any questions about baby teeth and how to talk to your child about them, give us a call! We’re happy to set your mind at ease as your child anticipates that first visit from the Tooth Fairy!